Kittenwar: FAQ

We've compiled several of the most commonly asked kitten questions into our Frequently Asked Questions section. Reading this may help answer any queries you have much quicker than e-mailing us.

How long does it take for my kitten picture to get online?

We hope to approve all images within a few days, but sometimes it takes quite a bit longer, if we're busy or have technical issues. Sometimes it's very quick, if you're lucky.

How can I search for a particular kitten?

Use the search engine on the homepage - it's on the left hand side under the 'e-mail us' link.

I can't find my kitten. What have you done with it?

If you can't find your kitten using the homepage search engine or at the address we showed you when you uploaded your picture, it probably means the picture was rejected. Pictures are usually rejected because of poor image quality, but you can see a full list of possible reasons at our guide to uploading.

Can you tell me why my kitten was rejected?

Sorry, but no. We don't keep a record of why pictures were not accepted, but it will be one of the reasons listed in our guide to uploading. Honest.

Can I change my kitten's photo?

No. This would be unfair, because your score would include your first picture's battle results as well as those of your new image. Try and make sure you upload the cutest picture you have.

Can I have the Kittenwar code?

No. Sorry, Kittenwar will be firmly closed-source for the forseeable future. Please don't e-mail us asking to make an exception, because we won't. It was custom coded for kittens anyway, and you'd get all kinds of horrible errors if you tried to use it to measure the relative cuteness of other things.

Will you help me build my website then?

No. But if you have a specific query about how our site works, e-mail us, and if we have time we'll try to answer it as best we can. We're not proper experts though, so you're probably better off asking someone else.

I'm sorry, but you still haven't answered my question

Sorry about that. E-mail us, and we'll try to get back to you as soon as we can